client results

working with Jackie has given me confidence for the 1st time in my life 

Each session with Jackie felt like a big puzzle piece locked into place. I can now see the full picture of who I am. I am able to work through patterns and let go of old belief systems that are no longer serving me. 

Working with Jackie has allowed me to understand myself fully. It has allowed me to shift. I’m now volunteering and raising my hand and taking the lead in my life. As a result, my voice is being heard more clearly. 

Jackie has a great gift to hear what you are saying and efficiently get to the root cause. I am blown away. I am now living from a place of self trust and love and I am grateful for the work we have done together.

Natasha Gross 
Twitter (formerly)


I went from burnt out to self nominating myself for a promotion

I came to Jackie completely overworked, lost and burnt out. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been operating like that on auto mode. I was feeling numb inside and was on the verge of giving up on everything.

After working with Jackie, I feel like I am in touch and aligned with my soul, spirit and self. I am more in-tune with what I truly feel vs. only thinking rationally. I have more control over my reactions and the tools to act on them. I feel like a completely new person now from where I was before working with her. Thanks so much Jackie!

Jennifer Leartanasan  
Creative Director, Anomaly 

I went from creating roadblocks to moving with ease & flow 

The work with Jackie has changed me. It’s helped my negotiations, standing in my boundaries, stepping forward to become more of a leader and deepening my self love and self worth. 

Her work is different from therapy. This is the only thing I’ve seen success from. When we started, my confidence was super low, I had issues with the people I was working with because we were all operating from a place of scarcity. I was able to undo the stories that were blocking me. I now know I deserve success. 

Internally I feel totally different. I have confidence, things are easier, I move with more ease and flow, I’m more relaxed. It's really been a game changer. This work is an essential piece of any strategy that a creative puts into place, because if your mindset isn’t in place, you still won’t get there. 

Cari Sekendur
Founder, Butter Studios