client results

life is easier & every aspect of my business is better  

Although I’m an excellent coach I didn’t know how to run the business. I was just figuring it out. By working with Jackie, I was able to move in a timeline exponentially. Things I thought I would get to in 2-3 years, I was able to complete in the 6 month container with Jackie.

To give you an idea of what that looks like, the year prior to working with Jackie, I made $65k and the year I worked with Jackie, I made over $200k. I increased my income, have a 5 figure package, hired a team, put an efficient system into place and my messaging got so clear. I used to really struggle with copywriting. Through the mindset work and doing tapping about it, I can now write an entire sales page in a few hours, with no stress.

Justine Baruch 
Love & Relationship Coach 


I finally stepped into my power & fully trust myself, leading to a $70k month

When I started working with Jackie, I felt “stuck” - like there was such a gap between where I am now and where I wanted to be. I knew there was something missing and I needed support. And I wanted to break through my financial ceiling with $30-40k months and go to $50k+.

Working with Jackie, I finally stepped into my power, fully trusting myself and letting go of some limiting beliefs that were subconsciously stopping me from hitting my financial goals. I hit my first $70k month!

Jackie was truly talented at what she does. I really appreciate the space she held for me when I was going through some breakthroughs and dealing with some unresolved trauma. She consistently pushed me and called me out when I needed to hear the truth.

Jennifer Morilla 
Business & Marketing Strategist

from choking my business to doubling my revenue and finding freedom in my life

I had a business that was successful but very messy. It was growing organically but I had no strategy about scalability, placement of products, messaging or understanding of my audience. Nothing was clear. 

I was also in a significant burnout stage in my business and within myself. I was choking my business in terms of time and strategy. 

With Jackie, we peeled back the layers and went back to the drawing board. Jackie helped me to tap into my beliefs around success, what it means to work hard and drop the masculine elements to run a business and redirect them instead into scalable strategy. I doubled my income in 8 months to $130k.

Jackie helped me to look at my spiritual values and business values to align life outside the business, and within the business. I created freedom in my day to day life to enjoy it. This was the biggest gift. I’m now renting my beautiful apartment with my other half and I can take my work abroad. It’s created a lot of freedom and fluidity in my life. 

Rachna Patel
Postural Alignment Therapist 

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I showed up to my business in an empowered way and almost immediately signed had a 5 figure production deal 

I would've never stood in my power in business like that before working with Jackie. Because I did the inner work and knew where my limiting beliefs came from, I was able to put myself out there and the next week I signed a 5 figure deal. 

Jackie supported me in working through my beliefs in the most profound way. I am now selective of who works with me and I attribute my success to this work with Jackie. We got to the core of my money beliefs and scarcity. My investment with her didn’t just come back to me once, it came back to me multiple times. Jackie sees you. She cares about you. You’re not just a client.

Brittany Gooden 
Producer & Founder of GoodEnd


I shifted from burnout to a model that was sustainable and made me a six-figure business owner in 8 months 

This was my first coaching program and the level of support I received from Jackie and to be in this incredible container, to feel safe enough to share my struggles - including burnout, what my niche really is and claiming my seat at the table.

I was able to finally quit my job, which was scary but I had this incredible container to do that in. I tripled the prices of my offering because I had so much trust in Jackie. She not only understood me and my business but my vision, sometimes better than I could.

Jackie nailed our coaching session every time. I came in with one question and she was able to see what the underlying thing really was. She was able to support me through the discomfort I had around group coaching, and now I launched my group program 3x.

I got my investment back in the 1st month and within 8 months, I’m a six figure business owner. Thank you for not only being my coach and mentor, but also my friend.

Sandeep Gill 
Coach & Social Worker


I found my confidence to speak out & scale my business, earning $150k of revenue in a few months

I was an expert in my space for over 8 years but I grew uninspired. I was holding myself back out of fear. Instead, I pushed and forced my way forward and people could feel it in my marketing & sales. It wasn’t working and I was underearning. 

Jackie helped me shift my relationship to myself and my business. I 3x-ed my rates, scaled my business by hiring a team of junior coaches and marketing support, became a thought leader and confidently spoke out about the new paradigm of weight loss. All these changes and doing the internal mindset and energy work, led to the external results of ~$150k+ in revenue during our 6 months of coaching.

Nik Toth 
The Lean Body Coach