emotional leadership technique™

the approach:

but right now your day to day is becoming more challenging to get through. Your energy, along with your confidence, is often tied to what’s happening outside of you - did your boss notice, is the client happy? 

You’ve noticed the beliefs and behaviors - like pushing forward at all costs, self applied pressure and playing it safe - they’ve brought you success, but something’s still missing, and you have a sneaking suspicion your work and life are meant to feel different. 

I’m here to tell you that they are - it all happens when you choose to start the process of opening your heart. 

After a lifetime of conditioning by caretakers, society and your own past experiences, opening your heart - and unlocking infinite possibilities - is not just a flip you can switch, but a process you work - and it’s worked for many clients that are now and greater impact without burnout. 

Opening your heart begins in the mind, by understanding how you see yourself on a subconscious level. You can determine yours right now by taking this assessment

Next we dig deep to see how this self identity developed. Every life experience is stored in the body - we apply somatic tools to release them, giving you the space to start to feel free. 

We apply tapping to beliefs and memories, opening you up to more realms of possibility. 

We work to shift patterns and habits that result in overexertion while still underperforming. You become the person who embodies and aligns what you desire - every day, not just on the days of big wins. 

You learn how to utilize your emotions to heal & feel, increase your capacity to receive and connect more deeply - to yourself, your team, your clients and god. 

You are a once in a lifetime woman. 

Welcome to Open Hearted

a feelings-forward approach to life, leadership, and everything in between.

A Rule Respecter,
Cycle Breaker,
Independent Practicalist,
or Real-real Revolutionary