Former corporate finance control freak and first generation American, who was once completely numb from the neck down. I lived my life in black and white, forcing my way through, silently suffering from a painful chronic disease.


ep 02 | Finding Love & Having A Baby: On The Same Timeline After Divorce with Tory Dube

Jackie Simek interviews Tory Dube, a Mind/Body Transformation Psychologist, about her journey from the grief of a miscarriage and divorcing the perfect guy, to meeting the man that was her aligned match and having a baby, all within two years. Tory followed her feelings to dramatically change her life. Tory shares how she learned to trust her heart over strategies that would often blow up in her face. 

On this show we cover: 
How Tory overrode the idea of traditional times to have what she wanted now
Why Tory kept her pregnancy a secret when all she ever wanted to do was become a mother 
How she overrode her brain’s biggest argument: she had already invested so much time, just got married, he’s a great person, we’re about to get pregnant - this was everything I ever wanted. How could I walk away? 
The secret pact she made with God in the shower 
The simple tools Tory used to help herself heal, including art, music and her dog  


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Tory Dube is a graduate of The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program. Over the last decade she's built her own thriving practice, helped many soul-centered practitioners build 6-figure businesses, created a children's holistic enrichment program and worked as a director of programming within globally recognized personal development companies. Now, she's a stay-at-home Mom and the host of the This Feels Important podcast, her favorite roles to date. Tory lives in San Diego with her incredible partner and their baby girl. You can connect with her on Instagram at @torydoobs, @this_feels_important