Former corporate finance control freak and first generation American, who was once completely numb from the neck down. I lived my life in black and white, forcing my way through, silently suffering from a painful chronic disease.


ep 01 | Heartbreak, Surrender, Faith: The Birth of Open Hearted

From long haul sickness, through the depth of depression, to setting an intention that Jackie believed would look a certain way, and instead receiving so much more than she could have ever asked for, Jackie takes you on the journey that invited her to live open hearted, claim her purpose in the world and create a global movement. Jackie dives into the process of grieving the loss of her identity that was necessary to birth a bigger better version of herself, learning how to have her own back and building her faith through the fire.  

On this show we cover: 
How a dark night of a soul is a soul level experience, and most human tools can’t help. What you can gain in the process by surrendering to it
How getting sick prioritized her manifestation practices, including expanding with Dr. Joe Dispenza, but she was still using the tools to try to control & manipulate Life 
How surrendering to heartbreak allowed Jackie to no longer be afraid of human’s greatest, yet least tapped resource - feelings 
Jackie teaches us how heart opening shifts from knowing something in your mind to embodying it and moving as it, to have the most full, present experience of Life

Dark Night Of The Soul
Truth feelings > being high vibe  
Developing faith
Developing surrender 
Messy transformational journeys 


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