Former corporate finance control freak and first generation American, who was once completely numb from the neck down. I lived my life in black and white, forcing my way through, silently suffering from a painful chronic disease.


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everything you’ve ever wanted finds you when you feel

With more freedoms than ever, we’re afraid of our full range of emotions. The Open Hearted podcast explores a feelings-forward approach to life, leadership and everything in between. We’ll share stories and tools to help you alchemize your feelings for profit, potential, and purpose. You’ve got one life — feel it fully. 

How do we address the worldwide epidemic of women feeling burnt out and numb? That’s what we explore in the Open Hearted podcast. 

Emotional mastery is how we live and lead with an open heart. We’re here to help Rule Respecters, Undercover Control Freaks, Independent Practicalists, and/or Real-real Revolutionaries change beliefs (neurological pathways) and behaviors (nervous system), so they can become feelings-forward leaders.

Open Hearted The Podcast is the go to place to embrace a feelings-forward approach to life, leadership & everything in between. This is your invitation to release the heaviness of forcing your way through, expand beyond what you were conditioned to accept as "normal" & instead alchemize your feelings for power, potential & purpose. 

Jackie shares tools & stories around topics like healing trauma, reprogramming your subconscious mind, feminine energetics, embodied magnetism & creating a relationship with god that feels like a chat with your best friend. You’ve got one life - feel it fully.