Former corporate finance control freak and first generation American, who was once completely numb from the neck down. I lived my life in black and white, forcing my way through, silently suffering from a painful chronic disease.


ep 03 | What To Do When You Can’t Sleep: 5 Ways To Stop Staring At Your Ceiling at 2am 

Are you experiencing the Sunday night scaries or being woken up in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling, losing sleep because you're stressed or worried. Maybe it’s classic insomnia. What if you could work with this situation rather than against it. 
Jackie’s relationship has changed with moments when she can’t sleep. Rather than fight it, make it wrong or do a bunch of mental math to calculate just how little sleep you’re gonna get, you can do these things instead, which will serve you more than scrolling IG, watching Youtube or turning on the tv.

On this show we cover: 
The 5 practices to use when it’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep
How to free yourself from pressure of trying to make the big manifestations happen 
How to become a deliberate creator and supercharge your life experience through your feelings 
Somatic tools to get you out of your head and stop those thoughts that are on loop 
How Jackie found God on the other side of the pillow 

Stress Management 
Somatic tools 

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