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everything you've ever wanted finds you
when you feel

where how you feel running your business is prioritized and how your clients feel in relationship to your business is leveraged - leading to potential, power and profit. 

But you’re currently stuck in your head, controlling everything, trying to uphold an image that leaves you unseen by your ideal clients and disconnected from your true power source - your emotions.

Not only is it getting in the way of what you can become — it’s burning you out, and leaving you in a cycle of underearning.  You break the cycle by embracing the radical act of bringing your heart to your work. You look inward. 

And when you do? Freedom. Presence. Power. Profit.
Your fullest potential, realized. 

It’s time for a new flavor of feelings-forward business -

It’s time to live and lead with an open heart

Hi, I’m Jackie. Former corporate finance control freak and first generation American, who was once completely numb from the neck down. I lived my life in black and white, forcing my way through, silently suffering from a painful chronic disease.

When I stopped running from my emotions, was when I finally became free. I’ve spent the last 4 years running a global business that invites women to shift from forcing to feeling, leading to multi-six figure breakthroughs, $70k leaps and sold out offerings, that feel as good in your heart as they look in your bank account.

It’s my mission is to end the epidemic of chasing success at all costs, and create a world where women are awake to their full range of feelings, hold reverent their role in the world and reclaim emotional mastery to live + lead with an open heart.

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everything you’ve ever wanted finds you when you feel 

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"life is easier & every aspect of my business is better "

Justine Baruch 
Love & Relationship Coach 

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The year prior to working with Jackie, I made $65k and the year I worked with Jackie, I made over $200k.

"I finally stepped into my power & fully trust myself, leading to a $70k month"

Jennifer Morilla 
Business & Marketing Strategist

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Working with Jackie, I finally stepped into my power, fully trusting myself and letting go of some limiting beliefs that were subconsciously stopping me from hitting my financial goals.

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"from choking my business to doubling my revenue and finding freedom in my life"

Rachna Patel
Postural Alignment Therapist 

I created freedom in my day to day life to enjoy my life. This was the biggest gift. 

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it's time to stop focusing solely on strategy. you can channel your expression into power, potential and profit.

Whether you want to improve your money mindset, be more present, learn to lead yourself, or pursue a big goal, I’ll help you embrace the realness and rawness of life to experience your true potential. 

open your heart.
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